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Ruth Killoran

Care and Maintenance of Oamaru Limestone


All my Oamaru stone sculptures are sealed with a water repellant silicone sealant to retain their natural white/creamy colour.

If sculptures are placed outside they are best kept in the sun and should not sit directly on soil. Place them on paving slabs, concrete or a similar hard surface.

In normal circumstances correctly treated stone surfaces remain water resistant for up to 7-10 years.

To check if stone needs re-sealing spray water onto the stone surface. If the water repellent is working, water will run into droplets on the surface.

If the surface is porous, water will be absorbed into stone, which will go slightly darker in colour.
A general indication of stone requiring treatment is when mould, moss or lichen begins growing on the surface, causing green or greyish discolouration of the stone.


1. Do not clean stone with high pressure spray, as this can loosen and damage the stone surface.

2. You can wash sculptures with water and a mild detergent.

3. When dry you can re-apply a water repellant sealant which can be found in most DIY stores.

4. It is important that stone is completely dry before applying water repellent sealant.

5. If placed outside, put in the sunshine where they will look their best and keep their appearance longer.


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